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Corporate style and identity

Order a design that will surpass the competition
Create vibrant and recognizable brands
We draw better than neural networks
That's what our customers come to us for
Delegate - we'll do it
Logo design
Selection of color palette and typography
Creating corporate graphics
Creation of corporate identity elements
Brand book development
Creation of a corporate character or mascot
Voyalabs creates a corporate identity that increases customer loyalty and company recognition
One more thing
We will help to develop a unique style for your business - you will start to stand out and be memorable against the background of competitors
We work responsibly - we respect deadlines, we are always in touch, we are not afraid of meetings and calls
We make quickly - in 2-4 weeks layouts will be with you, other studios take twice as long
Design belongs to you - we transfer all the sources and rights to the layout immediately after payment
We don't use neural networks - we think up and develop cool author's design
If you are thinking about corporate style and identity, let's keep in touch
Responsible for what they create
Voyalabs team
Art Director
Has 5+ years experience in design sphere and 4+ years experience in UX/UI. Main design mission - to make this world more user friendly and good-looking.

Loves: flowers, cats, coffee with friends
Hates: insects, mashrooms, anime
UX/UI designer
Has economic education and a childhood dream to become an interior designer. Finally found herself in UX/UI. Daily affirmation - less is more.

Loves: good sense of humor, nice flavours, photos
Hates: olives, winter, uniform life
Ekaterina Kachanova
Graphic designer
3+ years experience in digital marketing and graphic design.

Loves: walks, winter, hourglasses
Hates: heat, milk, noisy neighbors
They entrusted us with the "face" of their business
Answering uncomfortable questions
Do you want an Apple-like identity and corporate style, fast, high-quality and inexpensive?
We appreciate your sense of humor and we will try our best
Let's get to know each other
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